Astro Venture Space Set (Space Rover, Shuttle, Space Station)


Item No:    63115

Age Grade:           3+

Assortment:           1

Packaging Type:           Open Box

Packaging Dimensions:           22.50 x 5.50 x 11.50 in

(WxDxH):          57.10 x 14.00 x 29.20 cm

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Space Rover

Press button to open all compartments;

Push bumper to close compartments;

Windshield opens and astronaut fits inside;

Free wheeling.

Space Shuttle

Press button for take-off light & engine sound;

Payload bay door opens to reveal workable mechanical arm;

Astronaut fits on top and turns;

Rolling wheels;

Canopy opens and astronaut fits inside.

Space Station

PLAYSET inside!

Press button for lights & beeping sound;

Swivel compartments with flip-down doors;

Astronaut rotates on top of the space station.

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